Measurement of plant vegetation using UAV

*We recommend two vegetation measurements before feedings of the plants (crops) i.e.  one in early stage of vegetation before feeding and one in correctional feeding in advanced growth stage.

  1. Define zones (fields) for surveying;
  2. The measurement is executed using Buteo drone bundled with NIR/RGB multispectral camera;
  3. Result of the measurement provides visual georeferenced information on the different zones of crop vegetation. The digital data is presented in the following format extensions: GeoTIFF and KMZ;
  4. Execution of variable rate application (VRA) prescription maps for feeding including (nitrogen fertilization) based on agronomist’s fertilization recommendation;
  5. Results of the remote sensing can also be used for:
    • Estimate the quantity of the fertilizer to be applied in the surveyed zones;
  • GIS analyses. Field data measurements can be compared such as vegetation measurement (NDVI), multispectral soil analysis, chemical results from leaf samples, yield measurements and others.