Privacy Statement


  1. Responsible department and contact person
  2. What is personal data?
  3. How we use personal data?
  4. Consent, right of withdrawal and objection
  5. Changes to this privacy notice


Protection of personal data and privacy of our customers when visiting our web site are important and crucial for the security and operation of PRO DRONE SYS Ltd.

“Personal Information” means information about you, particularly, name, date of birth, email address, telephone number and postal address. PRO DRONE SYS collects, processes and uses the personal data you provide, as far as it is needed.

By visiting, all of your data posted on the site is completely confidential, protected and used only for the site’s needs – for processing and delivering an order, contacting you, providing information in the form of a newsletter, establishing, performance or termination of contracts or semi-contractual relationships with you, observing the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

PRO DRONE SYS Ltd. undertakes to protect and store the personal information of its clients, to abstain from unethical practices on the Internet, and not to provide your data to third parties.

Your personal data may be provided to third parties solely if necessary, such as, for example, Online payments; credit insurance. Employees processing your data are contractually obliged to use our customers’ personal information only for the defined type of service, to protect and store your data in confidence.

Within this declaration of Privacy Statement, we would like to inform you about the use of your data on

  1. Responsible department and contact person / Data protection officer.

If you have questions about the protection of your personal data in connection with your personal data, please contact:


Contact person: Temenuga Dimitrova

Bul. Botevgradsko shose 268

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel .: +359 882 476 373

  1. What is personal data?

Personal information is information that can be referenced to your personality. These include data such as name, address, e-mail address, and phone number. When visiting our website, additional information is required, such as your IP address your Internet Service Provider gives to your computer when connecting to the Internet, or information about the website from which you have called our offer or about the use of Internet Browser (technical information). The individual elements of this technical information may be personal data. The use of this information is solely for the purpose of dealing with or protecting our website from violations and abuses, as well as in a pseudonymized and anonymized form for statistical purposes.

  1. How do we use personal data?

We only use your data in compliance with the applicable legal provisions and these privacy guidelines so we can offer you the information, products and services you want. If you process your personal data beyond this framework, we only accept your consent or use the data only in pseudonymized or anonymized form.

To process offers / orders we need the following data:

 First name and surname, including VAT number, if any;

 Address of the invoice;

Delivery address including, details of delivery time, delivery options, etc .;

 Date of birth;

 Telephone number to ensure delivery;

 E-mail address;

When visiting the pages at, the so-called log files are   stored in protocol files as standard:

  IP address (internet protocol-address) of the calling computer;

  • Website from which you visit us (referral);
  • The websites you visit with us;
  • Date and duration of the visit;
  • Browser type and browser settings (for example: language);
  • Operating system

This data is stored for 7 days as a technical preventive measure to protect data processing systems against unauthorized access.

We keep updated and tested technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, in particular to protect your data from threats during the transfer, as well as from third parties.


Pseudonymized Profiles

Within the legal framework, we can do market research and structure our services according to the needs of our clients for advertising purposes – create and analyze profiles under aliases, but only if you have not exercised your legal right under any time you object to such use of your personal data (see the instructions on the right of objection below and in the following sections).

Using cookies

In order to make the visit of our website more attractive and to allow the use of certain features, we use the so-called “cookies” on our pages. They serve to make our site more accessible and more efficient. In this way, we can offer an improved user experience and better understand the requirements and preferences of customers.

This relates to small text files that are stored on your device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). Some of the cookies we use are deleted as soon as you leave the browser, right after you close your browser (so-called Sequence Cookies). Other cookies remain on your device for 30 days and allow us to recognize your browser on a subsequent visit to our site (permanent cookies). The use of cookies is only possible with your explicit consent.

We also use cookies to understand exactly how our site is used and what we can improve in its structure. Cookies help us determine whether a page on our site has already been visited. They also let us know if you’ve visited our site before, or are a new visitor. We use cookies to improve our ad. Cookies are often used to display important information for visitors to improve the results of a campaign or to prevent multiple visitors from displaying the same information repeatedly.

Please note that the functionality of may be limited or unavailable if you do not allow the use of cookies.

Third party cookies:

We include advertising through our web partners or ad networks on other websites. These web-partners use so-called third-party cookies that are activated by visiting and are only read by the relevant web-partner. These third-party cookies serve for analysis, environment research, and consumer behavior. This type of cookie does not store personal data, but only records site visits from and the advertiser’s web-enabled ad. Third-party cookies are temporary saved cookies that are stored in your browser for up to 540 days after the last call and then automatically expire. All modern browsers provide the ability to stop storing cookies by making the appropriate settings in the browser.

Please note that the functionality of may be limited or unavailable if you do not allow the use of cookies.


We’d like to show you only the ad that you really care about. Therefore, on, we rely on the so-called retargeting method. The Retargeting strategy allows you to track potential customers through cookies and then serve ads to products and services while browsing other sites.

By remarketing, we install a special code on your site that places a cookie on users visiting the site. So, communication with users does not end as soon as they come out of your site, and you can continue by displaying different ad formats for that user anywhere on the Google ad network. If you often see a company’s banners on any of the sites you visit, you probably have a cookie installed and you are following a remarketing campaign.

By visiting, our retargeting partners store temporary cookies through your internet browser on your device. Temporarily saved cookies give our retargeting partner an opportunity to recognize visitors to our websites under a nickname and only show an ad that is likely to interest our visitors. What data are collected? Temporary cookies allow our retargeting partners to track the history of our visitors’ clicks under the given nickname and to store it. This information only collects data about your use of Data retrieved by our retargeting partners is not combined with data that allows us to identify our visitors. How can a retargeting be excluded? If you do not wish to receive a retargeting ad customized, please use one of the following options to opt out of unwanted ads in the future: You can control cookies – and third-party cookies – on your own browser and allow, for example, the storage of temporary cookies only with your consent. Please read the “Using cookies” section. Another opt-out option is to click on the opt-out link retrieved from all of the partners using retargeting advertising. This link is an ‘’I’’ or the grayed-out name of our service provider on the ad slot. Clicking on the link takes you to our ad partner’s site where you can turn off advertising services. Please note that opt-out cookies are stored in your internet browser to turn off retargeting. Your refusal is valid only when you use the same Internet browser and allow this Opt-Out cookie instead of deleting it. If you then want to use another internet browser, please use one of the two opt-in options with this browser as well.


This website uses GoogleAnalytics – a GoogleInc web analytics service. (“Google”). GoogleAnalytics uses so-called “cookies” – text files that are stored on your computer and allow us to analyze the use of our website. The cookie-generated information for your use of this website is transferred to a Google server in the U.S. and stored there. Considering the anonymity of the IP addresses visiting this site, your IP address is abridged by Google within the EU and the countries of the European Economic Community. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to a Google server in the United States and abridged there.

Google uses this information on our behalf to analyze your user behavior and to prepare activity reports on the site and to provide additional services related to the use of the site and the use of the Internet by the site operator. The IP address provided within GoogleAnalytics from your browser does not merge with other Google data. You can prevent cookies from being saved by adjusting the software of your browser. You can also prevent the cookie-generated data from your use of the website (including your IP address) to Google, as well as the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the link available on the following link: http : // hl = at.

Facebook Pixel

This website uses FacebookPixel (ConversionTracking) on ​​FacebookInc., 1601 S.CaliforniaAve, PaloAlto, CA94304, USA (“Facebook”) to study and research consumer needs and behavior. With his help we can track the activity / every step of the users after they have seen and / or clicked on a Facebook advertising post and then came to So we can collect data on the performance of Facebook ad formats for statistical and market research purposes. This data is saved and processed by Facebook. In this way, Facebook can track the behavior of users who clicked on the creative within their Facebook stay and were redirected to our website. By using cookies, that is text files that are stored on your computer, Facebook can later recognize this user within its social networking period and optimize the effectiveness of ads, for example, to offer targeted ad formats for certain target groups in compliance with the Facebook Privacy Directive. This only affects users who have a Facebook profile and are logged in as Facebook members. Users who do not have a Facebook account are not affected by this data processing. You may refuse to process your personal data at the following link:


This website uses GoogleAdWords, a GoogleInc analysis service. (“Google”). From GoogleAdwords, a cookie is placed on your computer (“ConversionCookie”) if you have reached our website through a Google ad format. The validity of these cookies expires in 30 days and they do not serve for personal identification. If you visit certain of our websites and the cookie has not yet expired, we and Google can see that someone has clicked on an ad slot and has been redirected to our page. Every AdWords client receives a different cookie. Cookies can not be tracked through AdWords client websites. The Conversion Cookie information is used to generate statistics about the behavior of AdWords users who have selected Conversion Tracking. We do not receive information that can be personally identified by users. If you do not want your activity to be tracked, you can opt out of a cookie by setting up a browser that basically disables automatic cookie placement. You can also disable Conversion Tracking cookies and set up your browser so that cookies from the domain are blocked.



We collect and analyze data using the Inspectlet web analytics service (1135ScotlandDrive, Cupertino, CA95014, USA). Based on the collected data – without the use of personal data – anonymous user accounts are created. They serve for behavioral analysis and are used to improve user experience on For this purpose, cookies (small text files) that are stored locally on your computer can be used, thus making it possible for us to re-recognize when you visit our website. You can disable Inspectlet Tracking Address: https: //

  1. Consent, right of withdrawal and objection

You may refuse to use your data for advertising, market research and user behavior at any time, or withdraw your consent to the use of your data in the future. You can send us your objection to: If you receive an e-mail ad from us, you can claim your opt-out by clicking on the link provided in the email and following the instructions below. Please understand if it takes some technical time to enforce your withdrawal of consent for our system administrators, and you are still receiving messages from that time.

When processing your personal data, you have the right to request information about the processing purposes, the duration of the storage, your rights, the origin of your personal data, and the availability of automated decision-making. This information may be required one time at no charge. Upon each subsequent request, a handling fee of BGN 352.05 is payable.

You may request the correction of incorrect or incomplete data from you. You may also ask for the deletion of your personal data relating to you if the processing of the data is not lawful and there are no legal obligations on our part.

You may request a limitation on the processing of your data by indicating that we use your data only for the fulfillment of our business purposes, and you must not give further approval to receive advertising material from us.

You can request the transfer of your data, which you have provided us in a structured and machine-readable format. You have the right to pass the personal data directly to a responsible person as far as technically possible.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection, Sofia 1592, “Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov, e-mail: if your privacy rights are violated.

  1. Changes to this privacy notice

We would like to always provide up-to-date offers to users, and therefore we need continuous feedback to better serve and understand the needs of our customers. In this connection, the need to update this information on personal data may arise. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly inform yourself about possible changes to this site.

Effective May, 2018