It all started with Courage and Determination to find YOUR INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS.

We have been established with the sole aim to provide high-quality, innovative and efficient products & customer-tailored solutions in precision farming, also known as site specific crop management (SSCM). Our goal is to utilize all aspects of input and boost output. Our professional, results-orientated approach and deep insights allow us to support you in decreasing input, increasing yield, increasing profitability while at the same time keep land in good agricultural condition by our specially designed & constructed for the purposes drone.


Juliet Dimitrova

Executive Director

Dian Georgiev

Sales Manager

Tsvetan Chetashki

Innovations & Technologies Director


We take great pride in the innovative and dynamic solutions specifically in precision farming to ensure unmatched levels of customer satisfaction, while creating highly-promising perspectives for our business and partners.


PRO DONE SYS’ sight is firmly set into the future, as we constantly improve our products and solutions. By transferring the latest science achievement in practice, we feel this is the only way to meet the challenges of TOMORROW.