Multispectral soil imaging using drone

  1. Defining zones (fields) for surveying;
  2. The operation is executed when there is no crop residue left within the defined field-usually just after the crops are planted or before ploughing;
  3. The measurement is executed using BUTEO drone bundled with RGB multispectral camera;
  4. The result of the study provides visual georeferenced information about the areas in the field where plants experience stress and the NDVI levels. The digital data is presented in the following format extensions: GeoTIFF, KMZ and PDF;
  5. Execution of a VRA Variable Rate Map, consulted with the agronomist of the field. Clients are sent an email with the raster data, 3D terrain model data and terrain analysis reports. Optionally, a USB flash memory preloaded with the data can be supplied;
  6. Results of the survey can be used for:
  • Estimating and calculating the area of different soil types within the field;
  • Indicating the over irrigated zones within the field;
  • Registering the zones with different humus layer and calculate their percentage ratio within the field;
  • Defining zones for soil sampling;
  • Designing proper water irrigation system according to the terrain specification of the field;
  • Executing variable rate application (VRA) prescription map for seeding;
  • Executing variable rate application (VRA) prescription map for pre-sowing fertilization;
  • Planning planting of vineyards and orchards;
  • Designing proper drainage system;
  • GIS analyses. Field data measurements can be compared such as vegetation measurement (NDVI), multispectral soil analysis, chemical results from leaf samples, yield measurements and others.