Export variable rate application (VRA) prescription map for seeding

  1. Define zones (fields) for surveying;
  2. Data linked with the field history is required such as:
  • Results from previous surveys;
  • Results from agronomist’s experiments in selection of proper hybrids depending on the different fields, their soil types and availability of irrigation system.
  1. GIS analyses. Field data measurements can be compared such as vegetation measurement (NDVI), multispectral soil analysis, chemical results from leaf samples, yield measurements and others;
  2. Creation of variable rate application (VRA) prescription maps for planting based on agronomist’s planting recommendation. Clients are sent an email with the ready-to-use variable rate application (VRA) map exported for the specific navigation display and machine inventory. Optionally, a USB flash memory, preloaded with the VRA map, can be supplied for direct plug-and-play use.