Inspection of agricultural operations

  1. Define zones (fields) for inspection;
  2. The measurement is executed using BUTEO drone bundled with NIR multispectral camera;
  3. Result of the survey is georeferenced raster data showing the different zones of crop vigor in the field. The digital data is presented in the following format extensions: GeoTIFF and KMZ;
  4. Results of the survey can also be used for:
  • Check the overall status of the crop health within the field;
  • Check whether the agricultural operations are performed properly;
  • Detect rewetting or drying zones of soil.
  1. Evaluate damage within the field caused by natural disasters (after torrents, strong winds and others.)
  2. GIS analyses. Field data measurements can be compared such as vegetation measurement (NDVI), multispectral soil analysis, chemical results from leaf samples, yield measurements and others.